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Tank Cleaning & De-sludging

Specialist provider for Maintenance Work covers area for any Tankage, Plant equipment and Vessels. The combination of mechanical and chemical supported by experienced and skilled manpower with engineered and advanced technology allowing us to provide the following services:

1) Tank Cleaning

  • Applicable for Offshore - FPSO Tank Cleaning and
  • Onshore - Storage Tank Cleaning

Normally tanks required for maintenance works either through planned maintenance for Verification/ Certification and Unplanned Repairs. Cleaning method using environmental friendly chemical has managed to reduce downtime by enhancing the cleaning process also achieved maximum cleanness required by customers. 

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2) Tank Cleaning & Modification

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3) De-sludging and Sludge Recovery

De-sludging is a process of removing accumulated sludge at tank bottom by using Nano Technology chemical treatment. This methodology works for;

  • Floating Storage Offloading tanker (FSO)and Floating Production, Storage and Offloading Tanker (FPSO)
  • Crude Oil Tanks
  • Slop Oil Tanks

After few years in service, normally tanks will experience Base Sediment & Water (BS & W) and water accumulation. Therefore, the storage efficiency and capacity has reduced accordingly.

Certain sludge especially fresh crude sludge which contains high hydrocarbon can we recovered through combination of chemical and mechanical process. It will generate savings to user since it can be re-use and also minimize the waste that required for disposal.

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