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Supply and Rental of Offshore Baskets

Mini containers  & Cargo Baskets

Countless customers rely on our Offshore Baskets because they are safe, simple and reliable. Customers know they can depend on our marine baskets because they not only meet but exceed the toughest safety regulations.

As a customer-driven manufacturer, we remain innovators in resolving offshore cargo challenges. Our design and engineering is highly influenced by our customers' needs – and that's why we are committed to working with our customers to meet their unique challenges with safe, dependable solutions.

Our Offshore Baskets have design to no loss time accidents – solid proof that our products are extremely safe and reliable. Some of the benefits offered by our Offshore Baskets include:

• Custom Capabilities – Offshore Baskets can be custom manufactured to suit our clients' individual needs. Our consultants are dedicated to meeting each customer's standards – and our highly skilled technicians can hand-craft marine baskets to your specific size and safety requirements.

• Safety Compliance – Offshore Baskets are constructed to the highest safety standards in the industry, and all of our baskets are certified by Third-Party Licensed Engineers. Our cargo equipment is manufactured to meet the requirements of BHP, BP, Shell and other major operators. In addition, Offshore Baskets are designed and tested to align with British Standard 7072 and DNV2.7-2, as well as other safety standards. Furthermore, we can manufacture offshore baskets to any customer's specific safety requirements – and we provide customers with access to certification documents through our Equipment Certification Database.

• Buyer Options – our Offshore Baskets are available for sale or rent. We are one of the few manufacturers who offer customers the opportunity to own offshore cargo equipment, because we recognize the importance of giving our clients buyer options. It's all part of our customer-driven business philosophy.

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